Thursday, August 19, 2010

Circuit Training 2.0 - New Fitness Program

Circuit training is a fast paced, exciting group fitness class. We work out in a small friendly goup format. Exercises vary widely. We do strength training and cardio. You will run, jump, push, pull and more. By combining many different training elements we can see fantastic improvement in strength, speed, cardio and more. Workouts change daily, so each and every workout day is fresh and new. The constant is intensity, which will give you the most efficient workout in the shortest amount of time.

We start by perfecting fundamental exercises. From this foundation we will build intensity with variables like weight, speed, and volume. By perfecting form first we ensure that all exercises are done safely. All workouts can be adusted to suit each individual's needs and goals, while still enjoying the camaraderie of working out with a team.

What you can expect from Circuit Training 2.0? You can expect to work hard and you can expect to see results fast. You will learn new exercises and you will get better at familiar ones. You can expect to get stronger, move better, and increase your tone and definintion. You can expect to work out in a supportive environment, where you can work toward your individual goals with professional support and advice.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Elite Marathoner Credits Michael Landoch, PT

To: Mike Landoch
From: Alan Culver
Date: Jne 9, 2009
Re: Testimonial

"As a senior citizen, maranthoner and Pace Leader with the Los Angeles Marathon I have suffered injuries that requred the expertise of a Physical Therapist. My surgeon, Dr. Anthony Zoppi M.D. recommended that I use your services.

I lead an active life style having completed 31 marathons including two Boston Marathons. In 2008 between running and cross training I logged over 21oo miles.

Until last December my injuries consisted of strained muscles involving my legs and knees.

After completing the St. George Marathon in October, I developed a pain on the inside of my left knee. An MRI showed that I had a large cartilage defect at the end of my femur bone that required micro-fracture surgery.

In addition to neuro-muscluar re-education, gait analysis, cryotherapy, electric stimulation, leg lifts, quad and glut exercises, the rehabilitation required me to be non-witght bearing on my leg and using crutches for six weeks. Further, I completed three addtional months of cross training which included swimming, recumbent bike and elliptical trainer.

Your experitse in treating complex cases has been demostrated in my case. You and your professional staff have designed an individual rehablilitation program that strengthened my leg, allowed me to wal and regain my marathon running ability.

For active Senior's who are Marathoners, Tri-Athletes or Iron Med, I would highly recommed Physical Therapy Care to put them on the road to recovery.

With your assistance and support, I am looking forward to leading my LA Roadrunner's Pace group across the finish line of the 2010 Los Angeles Marathon".

Alan Culver
Playa Del Rey, CA

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Your Local Preferred Provider

Physical Therapy Care has been the local preferred provider serving the city of Westchester California for the past 15 years. It has been our mission to provide the best quality physical therapy, occupational therapy, hand therapy, orthopedic physical therapy, sport physical therapy and rehabilitation, and geriatric rehabilitation. Additional services we provide going beyond physical therapy includes Pilates, massage, gym membership, personal training, and Arthritis Foundation Group exercise classes. Physical Therapy Care is the exclusive preferred provider in Westchester for over 3500 different medical plans.
Some of the medical plans include Access Managed Care IPA, Aetna, AARP, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Definity Health Plan, First Health, Foundation Health Plans, HealthNet PPO, Interplan, Medicare, Pacificare HMO, Pacificare PPO & Pacificare POS, City of Los Angeles, County of Los Angeles, Preferred Health Network PHN, Safeway Stores, Secure Horizens, State Farm, Unicare, United Healthcare, and workers compensation plans.
What does being a preferred provider mean? It means cost savings for you, your family, your business or for your company. As preferred provicers, we are not allowed to charge you any more money than the contract allows. After your co-payment or co-insurance obligation, the fees that exceed the contracted rate for our services are written off. This is where you save.
If you are seeking our services and are not sure if we are contracted with your specific health plan, please call our office and ask one of our customer care specialists to clarify this for you.
Please visit our web-site or stop by our facility for a tour.

Michael Landoch, PT
Director of Physical Therapy Care